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Today, leading companies more and more intensively seek to increase their revenues and minimize costs.

One of the ways - reducing energy consumption and improving energy efficiency.

GreenTops Energy specializes in management of electricity. Special technology GreenTops Energy allows you to control your energy costs and increase the efficiency of the equipment.

Basis of GreenTops Energy is monitoring of energy consumption and complex of efficient energy management measures.

How does it work?

GreenTops Energy - a unique platform of energy efficiency. It consists of wireless self-powered sensors and analytic system. With GreenTops Energy you see detailed picture of electricity consumption of your company. Our system is based on electricity monitoring and it provides several options for reducing energy costs.


One of the main advantages GreenTops Energy is low cost. The system is easily installed and does not require technical intervention for a long time. Installing occurs painlessly, excluding disruptions process enterprise. This is the first and unique technology, which provides an opportunity to observe the process of energy consumption at a glance. In real time. The displaying information gives a huge advantage - you can easily implement any strategy to optimize the energy consumption. Undeniable plus GreenTops Energy is an ability to "cloud" data management by Internet. Thus, you will not only to supervise the system at a distance, but also get a lot of useful applications. It offers the most current data on energy saving, forecasting damage and preventive maintenance, load optimization and local accounting. By using the platform GreenTops Energy you can increase profits, reduce energy consumption and improve the efficiency of energy resources.

Guaranteed results using the platform:

• energy savings and increased Energy Efficiency;

• promptly informing about the extra costs and problems in the power supply;

• regular reports on the operation of the system and options for saving your money;

• lead to the perfect condition of technical specifications of equipment, they can use resources more efficiently; periodic inspection of the primary setting for the purpose of further savings;

• create optimal operating criteria and the introduction of advanced technologies in lighting, HVAC systems indoors and outdoors;

• calculation of the profitability of investment in infrastructure in order to achieve energy efficiency;

• highest level of protection, prevention and detection of failures in lighting, cooling and HVAC systems, minimizing maintenance costs.

Strengthen the environmental reputation of your company with GreenTops Energy!

- Achieve the maximum benefit from your investment in environmental initiatives.

- Boost your productivity environmental programs.

- Show your corporate responsibility.

We are the energy efficiency. Reduction of energy consumption and carbon emissions now, not in the distant future. We provide ideas for using energy that really work. We are the efficiency of operation. Energy consumption management is the cost reduction of preventive and predictive maintenance. We are the recognition. World leader in 2009 - Award Qualcomm QPrise. Winner IBM Israel Smartcamp-2012 Global Cleantech 100.